Altoona Blight Task Force reveals strategy plan to the public

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Altoona’s blight task force released it’s strategy plan to the public Wednesday night. 

The Task Force is made up of a variety of community member, from residents to community organization members, local businesses, and even the mayor.

The Altoona Blight Task Force started meeting on September 27, 2017. Since then, the group discussed the issue, made observations about blight in the city, did research, and put together a report to share with a public that revealed a Blight Strategy Plan.

The task force came up with prevention, remediation, and redevelopment strategies.

Some include an incentive program for landlords in compliance with codes, a hall of shame program for owners to who fail to be up to code, and establishing a land bank.

Altoona’s Mayor Matt Pacifico wants resident to know it will take time, but he’s confident the city can fight blight.

“I hope they realize that this is not going to be an overnight process, you know. But I think it’s important that they know that we are very serious about this,” said Mayor Pacifico.

Next, the city will put together an action team to implement the strategies in the report.

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