Altoona audiologist helps identify lost hearing aid

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — While wearing a mask is important in protecting yourself against the coronavirus, it has caused issues that many haven’t had to think about before, like knocking your hearing aid out when you take it off, causing many to lose theirs since the pandemic.

Hearing aids can do way more than just help someone hear better…

“It makes it so much easier to communicate with family and friends to be part of a conversation to know about the surroundings around you it even improves your short-term memory and helps to delay cognitive decline,” Audiologist Karen Lemme said.

Having hearing aids improves a person’s quality of life, so when someone lost theirs outside the Altoona Barnes & Noble, one good samaritan knew it was important to try and get it back to them and gave it to the manager. She also made a Facebook post in hopes the owner would see it.

Luckily Dr. Lemme saw the post and let the manager know there is a way to find out who it belongs to.

“Take it to a health care provider, they should be able to look at the serial number and figure out where it came from either by contacting the manufacturer or looking at their database of patients,” Dr. Lemme said.

And when she ran the number through the system it ended up being one of her own patients.

“The thing was just to simply get it back to him because it’s an investment,” Dr. Lemme said.

Dr. Lemme said if you do lose yours, to contact your provider right away.

“Sometimes people don’t realize that there is a loss and damage coverage for a period of time on those devices,” Dr. Lemme said.

The hearing aid is still at the Barnes & Noble waiting to be returned to the owner.

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