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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — The founder of Survival Mindset, Rick Capozzi, says your chances of being in an active shooter situation are extremely low, but if it does happen, the stakes are very high.

Capozzi, and Survival Mindset train people how to recognize a potentially dangerous situation and how to react in ways that offer the best chance for survival.

He says it’s important to take action if you think something’s just not right.

“We hear over and over again. ‘I thought I heard balloons popping, I thought I heard something drop, I thought I heard firecrackers, I thought I heard a car backfiring,’ when you hear any of those sounds, consider the possibility that it could be gunshots.”

Capozzi says that if you know it’s gunshots, get to a point of safety behind something that can stop a bullet or at least hide you from the shooter.

“If you’re in a point of some degree of safety, if we can get that call out to 911 right away, get that clock turning so we can get the responders responding as quickly as possible, but know that it takes time for them to process that call and to arrive and know that it’s your responsibility to stay alive until then,” Capozzi says.

If possible head for exits, but keep in mind that many stores, such as strip malls and shopping centers, only have two exits front and back.

“Most people have a tendency to run toward the exit they came into the building. That’s going to quickly get crowded. It’s going to create a flat funnel for folks and you would want to probably avoid those crowds,” Capozzi says.

Capozzi tells us as people get trained and understand these concepts, they feel more empowered and less paranoid because they have a plan in place and they know what they would do.

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