Act of sportsmanship: injured DuBois player helped by opponent

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DUBOIS, Pa. (WTAJ)– While DuBois was defeated in a close game against Oil City last Friday, an opposing team’s player didn’t let the win stop him from lending a hand when a DuBois player was injured.

Video captured at the game shows Oil City’s Cameron Russell helping DuBois wide receiver Zach Shilala with an injured ankle off the field.

“He just came over, I didn’t even have time to say no or anything,” Shilala said. “He just helped me over.”

Shilala said he wasn’t surprised by Russell’s act of kindness– because he helped him once last year too.

“I just dropped one of my gloves, and he was one of the first ones to run over and pick it up, just something small like that,” Shilala said.

The game ended with a score of 55 to 54.

Even though DuBois lost, head coach Justin Marshall said the moment was a winning example of what high school football is all about.

“I preach to my players, there’s never a wrong time to do a good thing,” Marshall said. “To see a young man like Cam Russell come over, out of his way, you know, he didn’t have to do that, and you can tell he’s got a good heart.”

Proving that opposing teams can set aside their differences, and offer a shoulder to lean on.

“I’d just like to say thank you and you’re a great kid with a great heart,” Shilala said. “I hope everything goes well the rest of the season.”

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