ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — The mother of an accused drug dealer in Altoona has been arrested after police say she was the ‘middle man’ between her daughter and two police informants.

On April 20, an informant went to police about money owed to Stephanie Weyandt. A controlled buy was set up with police and two informants at the home of Weyandt’s mother, 51-year-old Michelle Ritchey on the 1200 block of 3rd Avenue in the city.

Once inside the home, the informants told police that they gave Ritchey the $400 that was owed to Weyandt for meth that was given to them in a controlled buy a few weeks prior. In return for selling the meth, the informants said they were given two $50 bags of crack by Ritchey. She also reportedly gave them a back massager she didn’t want.

Weyandt was later arrested and placed in Blair County Prison on $100,000 bail.

Ritchey was arrested and charged Monday night, June 6. Court documents show that $40,000 bail was posted by Liberty Bail Bonds.