ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — There’s a new member of the Altoona Fire Department who is officially ready to serve.

The Altoona City Council was introduced to Lucille, an Accelerant Detection K9 who’s now got to show everyone what she’s capable of doing.

Lucille’s main goal is to go through a fire scene and detect any kind of accelerants and she can sniff out around 20 to 30 different ones. When she finds something, she alerts her handler, Justin Smithmyer, by lying down.

As a fire investigator, Smithmyer says at times it can be difficult to pinpoint an area of origin but Lucille will help make the process simpler.

“So by using a tool such as a K9, it actually gives us an advantage to pinpoint that location,” Smithmyer said. “Their senses are about 30 times greater than what we have as humans and they can smell very small amounts of accelerants and they can show us exactly where we need to be able pull samples to be able to more or likely get a positive result from a lab.”

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At the meeting, the 2-year-old black lab got a badge strapped to her vest making her an official member of the fire department. Not only will she serve the Altoona community, but she’ll be able to work with state police and other fire investigators in the state.