A Simplified Recycling System Designed To Keep Penn State Tailgates Cleaner Than Last Year

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University Park, Pa- With Penn State’s first home football game coming up this Saturday at Beaver Stadium, WTAJ has you covered this week with everything leading up to the game- with everything going on both on and off the field. 

The local Centre County recycling authority made some changes in hopes of seeing more tailgaters clean up after themselves.

The lines are already painted outside Beaver Stadium, designating the various tailgating areas for fans come this Saturday. And near every tailgating every, you’ll see an “A-Frame Bag Station”…. they’re probably a familiar sight to many fans as they’ve been used in previous years. 

What’s new this year?

What goes inside the bags. It’s a simple system:

-There’s two bags, blue bags and clear bags.

-Put 3 different recyclables in the blue bags: Glass, Plastic, and Metal (Aluminum).

-Everything else goes in the clear bags.

The goal of the system is to keep things cleaner than last year.

“After everything that happened last year and everything we saw, we decided to simplify our message this year”, said Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority (CCRRA) Education Coordinator Amy Schirf. 

Last year Schirf said she saw plenty of messy scenes at the conclusion of 2017 Penn State tailgates. That prompted the simpler two-bag system for recyclables and trash. All you have to do is fill up the bags and when you’re finished Schirf says to, “Tie those up, leave em’ at your tailgate, and drive away… you’re good to go”

The hope is that the new system doesn’t force tailgaters to do much sorting, so they have an incentive to be neater… and take pride in their tailgate.

“Obviously there are Penn State employees that do go around on Sunday and clean everything up… But is that really what you want to do?… Leave a mess for someone else? We say leave your tailgate better than when you found it.”

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