A Look Into The 2018 Ag-Progress Days In Centre County

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Rock Springs, PA- The AG-Progress Days, hosted by Penn State’s College of AG Sciences kicked-off Tuesday in Centre County.

 There were a few rain showers Tuesday, but that didn’t keep people away. Many families, both young and old came out to see what this year’s even has to offer.

“What’s unique about the ag- progess days, you actually get a chance to touch it, feel it, experience, use all 5 senses,” said Russell Redding, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Agriculture.

This year, a concern for farmers: The Spotted Lantern Fly… which is currently concentrated in the southeastern part of the state.

“It’s a major threat to agriculture, forestry, and a real nuisance for people in their backyards”, said Rick Roush, Penn State’s Dean of Agricultural Sciences.

And the pest may not be that far away from Centre County.

“I think of all the traffic coming in from football games, I think of all the activity back-and-forth from branch campuses, think of all the students moving to campus for a new academic year…. where do they originate from? Do they come out of southeast PA and are those families thinking about their vehicle and their items being a conveyor of the Spotted Lantern Fly into Centre County which presently doesn’t have it,” Redding said.

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