A Centre Co. Sheetz is looking for a liquor license

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A Centre County Sheetz looking to transfer a license to sell liquor at their store had their original request denied by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

The main opposition to the liquor license comes from Bald Eagle Area School District, which is right next to the Sheetz.

Just past the Sheetz is Windgate Elementary School, and behind that, Bald Eagle Area Middle and High School.

It’s the extremely close proximity to the schools that has the district concerned. WTAJ sat down with the district’s superintendent to hear his major concerns.

“Any time you have the opportunity for liquors to be purchased or received close to an institution to a school district there’s a concern,” said Bald Area School District Superintendent Jeff Miles.

Miles is uneasy about the idea of liquor being sold right next to Windgate Elementary School, but it’s not the elementary students he’s most concerned about. It’s the students in the high school next door.

“There’s a lot of walk in traffic from our students, and after a sporting event and maybe a concert,” said Miles. “You can get 40 or 50 people in there, and I’m just concerned about not that things would not be handled from Sheetz’s end correctly, but it’s just a matter of too many people in the store at one time and something might get missed.”

That something being an illegal purchase of alcohol.

Miles said he thinks his high school students are great but still airs on the side of caution.

“The absolute first concern of any administrator in the school district is student safety, and anything that may affect that in any way is a concern,” said Miles.

Sheetz has appealed the PA Liquor Control Board’s decision on this and awaits a new decision.

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