911 operator helps deliver baby

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On March 19th at 3 a.m. Letina Carter started having contractions. She was only 37 weeks pregnant.

“I just got in the shower and tried to wait it out thinking it was going to go away and it didn’t go away,” said Carter.

Kairo was on his way. She called Cambria County 911 and spoke with Kim Murray, a 911 operator.

Kim: “OK, tell me exactly what happened.”

Letina: “I’m in labor.”

Murray coached both mom and dad through it all.

Kim: “I’m going to tell you what to do in case you have to deliver the baby, OK?

Dad: “Who? Me? Me? You mean me? As in the person on the phone? I have to deliver a baby? Oh my God.”

They grabbed blankets and a shoelace to tie Kairo’s umbilical cord.

Dad: “Keep pushing, keep pushing, Babe.”

Kim: “Is she pushing? Is she pushing?”

Until finally, right on Letina’s steps…

Dad: “Oh my god, the baby is coming.”

Kairo was born.

“He’s my blessing. He’s my little blessing,” Carter said.

Kairo spent 11 days at the neonatal intensive care unit at Conemaugh Hospital because he was premature and underweight.

Now, he’s healthy and back at home with his mom, dad and big sister, Ka’Loni. They said they’re grateful Murray helped keep them calm during Kairo’s birth.

Murray told WTAJ that she’s glad Kairo is healthy and congratulated the family on their newest addition.

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