DANVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Last year a Central Pennsylvania gamer used his online platform to pay it forward, raising over $80,000 for children spending time in hospitals.

Now, DGR Dave’s efforts have turned into reality, with two new portable gaming stations available for use at Geisinger Janet Weiss Children’s Hospital in Danville.

For many children at the hospital, spending time playing video games provides a distraction during medical treatment.

“We want to do everything we can to care, Director of Philanthropy Glenn Bernius said. “To help children who are receiving care to have fun things to take their mind off of their treatments and to make it feel a little bit more like home.”

DGR Dave recognized this need and came up with the idea to host a “Twelve Games of Christmas” streaming event in December.

“I wanted to take those games and turn that into a charity event, so I did some research trying to find some charities that would help children,” DGR Dave said.

He ultimately partnered with Starlight Children’s Foundation to raise money for the organization’s Starlight Gaming Program.

“We know that happy kids heal faster, so our programs go toward promoting the well-being of children while they’re in hospitals,” Stream for Starlight Community Engagement Coordinator Devan Tozzo said. “They’re alone and they need distractions from the pain and stress of basic medical care.”

Starlight Gaming Stations are designed to roll anywhere in the hospital and allow children to play video games from the comfort of their hospital beds.

“To see this in person and to see what all the donations were going toward is really cool,” DGR Dave said. “I’m excited that a lot of kids are gonna be able to use these.”

Two stations featuring Nintendo systems are now available for use at the hospital, and DGR Dave was presented with the Starlight Content Creator of the Year award for his efforts.

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“It just brings me a lot of joy just knowing that we’re helping in some capacity because kids are important,” DGR Dave said. “Kids are the future and they deserve to be happy.”