70+ arrested in major drug bust

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More than 70 people are facing drug charges.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Monday criminal charges against 72 people for selling heroin, illegal prescription opioids, cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, crack, bath salts and other drugs.

These charges come from a year-long investigation by local authorities. Nearly half the arrests made today were for people selling Suboxone, a drug used to treat opioid addition and prevent painful withdrawal symptoms.

“Thus, the Suboxone traffic goes hand in hand with opioid addiction in this area and around the state and the county,” said Shapiro. “I would note that practically all of the dealers arrested today are street-level dealers. It is important that these individuals be targeted.”

People arrested today ranged from 21-60 years old. See the full list of those arrested below:

1.    Michelle Book, 38, Currently Incarcerated (SCI Muncy)
2.    Daniel Carter, 30, of Leafy Greene St., Stroudsburg        
3.    Kaylie Detwiler, 29, of 19th Ave, Altoona
4.    David Orsborne, 41, of Ferndale Dr, Tipton
5.    Stephen Coleman, 37, of E 21st Ave, Altoona
6.    Shawn Leedy, 37, of Lower Reese Rd, Hollidaysburg
7.    Brittany Shirley, 26, of Roy May Rd, Olanta
8.    Whitney Croyle, 26, of 16th St., Altoona
9.    Mark Green, 49, of 7th Ave, Altoona
10.  Miranda Martz, 27, of 6th Ave, Altoona
11.  John Weigner, 32, of 18th St., Altoona
12.  Ericka Lear, 44, of Walnut St., Hollidaysburg
13.  Ja Mei Ah Taj Weathers, 26, of 18th Ave, Altoona
14.  Antonio Majors, 42, of N 6th Ave, Altoona
15.  Dinene Ford, 32, of Howard Ave, Altoona
16.  Ashley Forney, 33, of 10th St., Altoona
17.  Susan Forney, 57, of 10th St., Altoona
18.  Ivan Lewis, 42, of 8th Ave, Altoona
19.  Chad Poet, 38, of Frosty Hollow Rd, Roaring Spring
20.  Ashley Miller, 29, of Crestwood Dr, Hooversville
21.  Richard Barner, 45, of 6th St., Tyrone
22.  Jeremy Clatterbaugh, 26, of 4th Ave, Altoona
23.  Gregg Mazak, 26, of 5th St., Altoona
24.  Robert York, 26, of 3rd Ave, Altoona
25.  Sheri Bickel, 36, of 8th St., Tyrone
26.  Kenneth Ritchey, 37, of Bedford St., Claysburg
27.  Robert Poullos, 37, of Lloyd St., Altoona
28.  Marc Disalvatore, 30, of 16th Ave, Altoona
29.  Kristin Weiand, 37, of E 8th St., Bellwood
30.  Christopher Feudale, 38, Currently Incarcerated (Blair County Prison)
31.  Joan McClaren, 53, of 2nd Ave, Altoona
32.  Shawn Walker, 50, of 6th Ave, Altoona
33.  Mark Grazier, 35, of Wild Cherry Ln, Warriors Mark
34.  Nathen Fisher, 36, of 12th St., Altoona
35.  Kera Bragonier, 31, of 12th St., Altoona
36.  Jesse Strayer, 26, of Champion St., East Freedom
37.  Robert Schandelmeier, 36, of Marrell Pl, Johnstown
38.  William Curran, 31, of Logan Ave, Tyrone
39.  Robert Mills, 51, of Main St., Bellwood
40.  George James Rodgers Jr., 41, of 6th Ave, Altoona
41.  Norman Hardy, 50, of S 10th St., Altoona
42.  Sirhan Fuentes, 44, of S 4th St., Altoona
43.  Terrance Shiffler, 43, of Jaguar Ave, Altoona
44.  Jeremy Abram, 27, of Hilltop Cir, Altoona
45.  Erica Bumberger, 35, of Moser Rd, Altoona
46.  Scott Bybee, 30, of 14th Ave, Altoona
47.  Cassandra Kolensky, 26, of 5th Ave, Altoona
48.  Corey Love, 33, of 5th Ave, Altoona
49.  Joshua McCallister, 35, of 21st Ave, Altoona
50.  Katrena Hambley, 30, of Broadway St., Rockwood
51.  Paul Beckwith, 35, of Poplar St., Philadelphia
52.  Jessica Grimme, 28, of 5th Ave, Altoona
53.  Jerome Banks, 50, of Oak Ave, Altoona
54.  James Mills, 40, of Maple Ave, Altoona
55.  Matthew Markel, 37, of Gates Hill Rd, Tyrone
56.  Dwight Dunkle, 30, of Maple Ave, Altoona
57.  Danielle Swope, 28, of Maple Ave, Altoona
58.  Caleb Stevens, 27, of 6th Ave, Altoona
59.  Danielle Weir, 29, of E 6th Ave, Altoona
60.  Christopher McCune, 33, of N 6th Ave, Altoona
61.  Joshua Saxe, 33, of E 2nd St., Williamsburg
62.  Debra Haddock, 45, of 10 th St., Altoona
63.  Jason Rickens, 31, of Pennsylvania Ave, Cresson
64.  Chassidy Zella, 41, of 2nd Ave, Altoona
65.  Sean Buckmaster, 43, of E 1st Ave, Altoona
66.  Steven Carroll, 37, of W 10th St., Tyrone
67.  James Waugh, 34, of 1st Ave, Altoona
68.  Julius Johnson, 24, of W Duncannon Ave, Philadelphia
69.  Troy Ponton, 22, of 21st Ave, Altoona
70.  Devin Snyder, 21, of E 5th Ave, Altoona
71.  Lynn Mock, 60, of 10th Ave, Altoona
72.  Damien Hild, 27, of 14th Ave, Altoona

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