50 accused drug dealers face charges

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50 people in our region are facing criminal charges for selling drugs in Blair County. 

This is the second major drug bust in a month for the Blair County District Attorney’s office.

A news conference, the DA’s office stated that these were all street level dealers selling drugs in Altoona. 

District Attorney Richard Consiglio says they are being charged for selling a variety of drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs.

The DA’s office also stressed the worry of other lethal drugs coming into Blair County, including fentanil and carfentanil. 

He says they will continue to do these street level arrests.

The DA’s office is looking to keep dealers in jail or offer them a chance for treatment to change their lives. 

“Try to get them into a program to turn their life around which is better for them and quite frankly better for society too because you don’t have to deal with the drug related crimes they may be committing whether it’s thefts to get more drugs or assaults or crimes violence because they’re using drugs,: said Assistant District Attorney Peter Weaks. 

Consiglio credits under cover officer’s for these arrests. 

“Drugs would just overflow this complete community. Those are the people we hardly ever talk about and obviously they’re never going to be on camera or giving statements to the press but they’re the people, they’re the soldiers in this war.”

The funds used for sales to catch the dealers are from the Attorney General’s office and Operation Our Town. 

The Blair County District Attorney’s office is still investigating and expects to make more arrests. 

People with information can call the “Push Out the Pusher” hotline at 814-693-3020.

The following is a list of people charged today with possession with intent to deliver various drugs, along with related offenses:

 1.   Thomas Varholik, 30, of Altoona
 2.   Shaun Page, 37, of Tyrone
 3.   Donna Ryan, 52, of Altoona
 4.   Theresa Heiss, 42, of Altoona
 5.   Tonya Settlemyer, 32, of Altoona
 6.   Phillip Stevens, 30, of Altoona
 7.   Tiffany Pigza, 23, of Curwensville
 8.   David Walter, 27, of Altoona
 9.   Brandon Maybush, 31, of Altoona
10.  Jordan Bowser, 24, of East Freedom
11.  Andrew Parks, 24, of Duncansville
12.  Kelly Merritts, 29, of Altoona
13.  Felicia Oyebi, 42, of Altoona
14.  Christopher Feudale, 37, of Altoona
15.  Canaan Laich, 34, of Altoona
16.  Luke Thomas, 62, of Altoona
17.  Michael Eades, 26, of Altoona
18.  Sarah Keller, 30, of Altoona
19.  James Martin, 35, of Tyrone
20.  Tershar Miller, 21, of Altoona
21.  Lucas Cooper, 39, of Duncansville
22.  Jill Vaughn, 39, of Duncansville
23.  Samuel Moyer, 67, of Duncansville
24.  Jeremie Coughenour, 37, of Altoona
25.  Lisa Ebersole, 30, of Altoona
26.  Jonathan Sprankle, 23, of Altoona
27.  Trevon Fortson, 30, of Altoona
28.  Kathy Gengenbach, 54, of Altoona
29.  Jacklynn Smith, 34, of Altoona
30.  Crystal Lingenfelter, 39, of Altoona
31.  David Cooper, 30, of Martinsburg
32.  Brennan Duffy, 22, of Bedford
33.  Andrew Carbaugh, 37, of Saxton
34.  Philip White, 27, of Altoona
35.  Bradley Collier, 28, of Altoona
36.  Michael Steele, 38, of Altoona
37.  David Prout, 36, of State College
38.  Patricia Graham, 40, of Altoona
39.  Samantha Grissinger, 25, of Altoona
40.  Steven Beasom, 47, of Tyrone
41.  Brad Denny, 28, of Altoona
42.  Deshawn Underwood, 40, of Altoona
43.  Tabatha Fenchak, 36, of Altoona
44.  Kenneth Ballos II, 32, of Altoona
45.  Crystal Ballos, 33, of Altoona
46.  Frank Lang, 42, of Altoona
47.  Tracy McNeal, 43, of Duncansville
48.  Misti Staus, 36, of Altoona
49.  Jamie Weatherwalk, 37, of Altoona
50.  Dana Brown, 41, of Altoona

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