ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Elk County Commissioners recently announced that 43 small businesses would be receiving funds to ensure they can run properly.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) gave a total of $195,000 in grants to distribute to the 43 small businesses. The money went to businesses specifically with five or fewer employees.

“We had 43 applicants, 43 good applicants, these folks are again the really super small lawn and care businesses, hair salons, the mostly sole proprietors,” Commissioner Fritz Lecker said. “We’re pretty proud because we believe the county of Elk is one of or maybe the only county in the commonwealth that has done this program that was aimed for super small businesses.”

The goal of this money was to help the small businesses with funding to retain or hire new employees, become more competitive, purchase new equipment or technology, become more energy-efficient, or otherwise improve their business.

“Well of course as we know these are the engines that drive our local economy,” Commissioner Matthew Quesenberry said. “And for all of us, we take for granted that we have to absolutely have these detailed establishments along Main street or a place to go to do something.”

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The grant amount was capped at $5,000 for each applicant. Along with this grant, the Elk County Commissioners are looking for more funding to work on new projects. This includes an unknown amount toward camera funding for police, $150,000 towards nonprofits, $250,000 towards 501C3 w ECCF, and an unknown amount towards municipal authorities.

Make sure to visit the Elk County Commissioners’ website which gives information about public meetings as well as the budget.