22 arrested in Bedford County drug bust

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Twenty-two people have been arrested in a Bedford County drug bust.

At approximately 7 a.m. today, members of six Bedford County Law Enforcement agencies began serving arrest warrants on 22 people accused of several drug charges.

The Bedford County Drug Task Force and State Police investigated for several months before making these arrests. They conducted controlled buys using undercover officers and confidential informants.

The following is a list of the named suspects and their ages and the substances trafficked:

  • Zachary Novac, 24                    heroin
  • Troy Heming, 20                        marijuana
  • Brittanie Neville, 33                   methamphetamine
  • Timberly Hess, 25                     marijuana
  • Devin Fedoruk, 28                    marijuana
  • Nicholas Volkman, 27               marijuana
  • Joshua Miller, 20                       heroin
  • Jessica Kalfas, 33                     heroin and crack cocaine
  • Joshua Giffin, 26                      methamphetamine
  • Derrick Brick, 20                       LSD
  • Andrew Melusky, 27                 marijuana
  • Geordan Watson, 19                marijuana, LSD, and prescription meds
  • Marie Miller, 46                         prescription med
  • Zachary Young, 22                   marijuana
  • Chae Burtnett, 23                     heroin
  • Brook Brumbaugh, 19              marijuana    
  • Daniel Weaver, 38                   marijuana & endangering the welfare of children
  • Lindsay Imler, 27                     conspiracy & endangering the welfare of children    
  • Gregory Snyder, 26                 marijuana
  • Garrett Foor, 23                      methamphetamine
  • Romie Caulley, 39                  counterfeit controlled substance
  • Jessie Kelley, 48                     methamphetamine

Six agencies worked together on this operation, including the Bedford County Drug Task Force, State Police, Bedford Police, Everett Borough Police, Saxton Borough Police, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

There are still several warrants that have not been served yet. Police are working to locate several people.

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