CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Raising $2.166 billion, Penn State University has surpassed its fundraising goal to create ‘A Greater Penn State’.

This makes Penn State one of 15 universities nationwide to raise more than $1 billion in three or more campaigns.

The six year fundraising effort includes donations from alumni and friends of the university to a number of colleges, scholarships, buildings, and programs.

“This campaign focused on three imperatives to being ‘A Greater Penn State’: opening doors for access to our students, creating transformative experiences while they’re here, and then parlaying the breadth and depth of the institution to impact the world,” said Rich Bundy, vice president for development and alumni relations at Penn State University.

About 684,000 donors contributed to the campaign.

“The fact that we had the equivalent of six Beaver Stadiums of donors is just an extraordinary testament to the belief that people have in this institution and what we’re able to achieve,” said Bundy.

The donations include: