BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)— 19-year-old Allie Snider is doing things that many folks her age don’t achieve until they’re older, and that’s running a full-time business.

In March, Snider officially became a business owner after she purchased the Subway shop in Bedford on Clark Building Rd. She now runs the subway full-time with ten employees.

Snider started working for the company back when she was 16. She then took on a managerial role when she was around 18. Afterward, her old boss approached her about the option of purchasing her current shop, and at that point, she couldn’t ignore the opportunity.

Once she accepted the opportunity to buy the building, she gathered her savings, got some loans, and began the process. Snider said she used $20,000 of her savings to help with the purchase.

“It was really, I would call it rewarding and relieving, and I felt accomplished because I bought a Subway, so that’s really cool,” Snider said. “Also, not a lot of kids my age save money; they keep buying stuff. So, I already had a trait for saving money, so I guessed it worked out for me.”

However, she did face a bit of challenge when getting loans. She said that banks were not providing her with any resources or callbacks. Luckily, she was able to secure some finances from M&T Bank.

“It’s really challenging. It’s really hard,” Snider said. “When you’re 19, and you’re like, ‘Hey, I’m buying a Subway,” the banks hung up the phone; I couldn’t get a callback. M&T helped me a lot. I’m really thankful for them.”

Snider is native to the Bedford community, having been a multisport athlete. She’s already building connections by catering to some local sports teams and businesses. Making these efforts is her way of giving back to the community.

Her goal in running her business is to provide top-notch customer service and produce high-quality ingredients. Her favorite parts of working involve the customers. She noted that she takes pride in ensuring that each customer leave her shop with the best service and meal. But she also strives to build a positive reputation among the Bedford community.

“I’m really excited to get that reputation up and running that way; people know what they’re getting from here is fresh and quality cause I’m very particular,” Snider said.

She also values in being the best boss to her employees. That includes providing mental health breaks for employees, being accommodating, and being positive all around. Snider looks to build a reputation that it’s a fun and welcoming environment to work in for young teens.

Employee Lexi Hammel considers Snider to be one of her best friends and has a great time working with her. She values that Snider takes care of her employees and understands emergencies and personal issues in their lives.

“She’s very easygoing,” Hammel said. “She gets everything done. We get everything done. We’re a pretty good team together. I think it’s fantastic she bought the store. She’s a really good boss.”

Snider said her employees are excited to work under her and have a “kid boss.” Moving forward, she wants to continue to network and build relationships. Her main advice for those young folks looking to start their own business is to go for it.

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“If you’re young and you think you can go do it because you definitely can do it,” Snider said.