BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– Upcoming fifth-grader Kaitlynn Crewse is helping the Pinecroft Volunteer Fire Department with assistance for new equipment.

Crewse is a third-generation within the firehouse. She’s been heavily involved with the company nearly her whole life. That includes helping out in all ways she can around the station.

Her idea originally started in school as a general thank you for all the firefighters’ work. But then it became something more towards the end of the school year.

“I wanted to do something for my school as a thank you for the donation kind of thing, and we decided to make it bigger for whoever wants to come,” Crewse said. “It started as a thank you and turned into a regular everyday carnival.”

This is the first year this carnival is being held in the community. The carnival will feature local food trucks, games, drinks, and potentially a bounce house and dunk tank. Crewse thought this would be a fun opportunity to unite the community while raising money for a good cause.

All the funds from the carnival are set to go towards a $400,000 new truck. Deputy Fire Chief Caleb Keller said this new truck would allow for a faster response time and better area coverage.

“It’ll be just like a regular pickup truck. Obviously, with an engine body on it, you can start it up, put it in drive and go,” Keller said. “You don’t have to sit there and wait for it to warm and build up some air. It’s a little more versatile to get to rural areas, back in the rural part of the community.”

So far, Crewse has raised $15,000 within a six-month timeframe. She hopes that even the slightest bit with make a significant impact on the cost of the truck.

Keller is impressed with Crewse’s work ethic and how much she does for the fire hall. He admires that a girl her age is planning a big project and helping with fundraisers. He also noted that when she gets older, she’ll soon be a part of the team helping with the fires.

“She’s an honorary member,” Keller said. “She comes here and works hard for her age. She works hard to help us have fundraisers and does whatever she can raise money for the trucks and pay bills and stuff.”

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But Crewse said she’s happy to make a difference for the firehouse. She hopes that the success of this year’s carnival will lead to an even grander event the following year.

“I’m happy I’m able to do something, and I’m part of the fire hall,” Crewse said. “Then, I can try to make something change at the fire hall.”

The carnival is planned for Saturday, July 9, from noon to eight at the firehouse’s yard on Old Sixth Ave Rd in Altoona.