Local man in court accused of homicide by vehicle

More than a year after a crash killed a pregnant woman in Blair County,  the man who was behind the wheel is now facing serious charges. 
29-year-old Brandyn Boyd was 9-months pregnant when police say she was hit and killed by a vehicle driven by Tarence Mosey.
The crash happened in May of 2015 along the North 8th Street Bridge in Logan Township.  Boyd and her unborn baby girl died at the hospital.
Mosey is now facing homicide by vehicle charges for killing Boyd with his car.
In Tuesday’s preliminary hearing, officers explained what they believe the scene looked like in May 2015.
They say Tarence Mosey was coming across the bridge headed in the direction from the new Sheetz on 6th avenue toward the Juniata section of Altoona.
Reconstructionists determined he was driving 44 miles per hour. There is no posted limit.
Brandyn Boyd was standing behind the right tail end of her SUV, pulled over with hazard lights.
Mosey hit her car just about head on… and hit Boyd, as well.
In the Preliminary Hearing, 3 officers testified; a first responding officer from Altoona police, and two officers from Logan Township police; once it was determined the scene was in Logan Township’s jurisdiction.
In their testimonies, Mosey was allegedly coming back from Underdogs Bar in Bellwood and had about 3 or 4 beers before getting in his vehicle. The accident happened right after 3am. Mosey’s blood alcohol level on scene was determined a .104.  It was converted at the hospital over two hours later at a .086.
A reconstructionist on the stand says math tells us Mosey had more than enough time to stop his vehicle completely before hitting Boyd. And that’s what’s going to carry through this case — the technicality of all of it could make for a strong case against Mosey.
Mosey’s attorney, Robert Donaldson explains, “First of all in any homicide case there’s a lot of scientific evidence. And in a case where nobody really was an eyewitness to an accident like here, there’s going to be a lot of accident reconstruction information.”
Mosey will be formal arraigned in October.

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