Local leader asks for violence to stop


It started with a Facebook post where the Johnstown NAACP president asked those involved in the recent shootings to put down their guns and turn themselves in, before the violence gets even more out of control.

“Why did you deem it necessary to shoot at one another to resolve some issues?”  That’s the million dollar question Johnstown NAACP president Alan Cashaw and others are asking.

“Sooner or later innocent bystanders are going to get injured as well,” Cashaw says.

He remembers Johnstown’s glory days where frequent shootings didn’t exist.

“There’s no reason why our neighborhoods shouldn’t be safe.  There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be as peaceful as they were when I was growing up.”

Regarding the recent deadly shootings in Johnstown’s West End and Hornerstown neighborhoods, Cashaw can’t say what’s causing the violence specifically.  However, he is using social media to beg those involved to turn themselves in.

“One might say that shootings have escalated in the last 10 years.  It’s the way we settle things.  So I don’t think it’s a unique problem for Johnstown.  I just think it found its way to Johnstown.”

Cashaw goes on to tell us that the police advisory board met on Monday, where the entire conversation was about the violence.

He is offering the NAACP up to act as a resource for the groups involved.  Cashaw says he would like to sit down with all parties and show them this is not the way you settle problems.

“Let the NAACP know that you want to sit down and call for peace.  We will help to facilitate that.”

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