Local Historical House Museum invites public to learn about Hollidaysbug’s rich history


HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. — If you’re a history buff, and you’re interested in learning more about local history in Blair county, one organization is working to educate people about the past.

No doubt about it, when you’re in Hollidaysburg its obvious that you are surrounded by rich history.
And if you’ve ever wondered about the stories and significance behind some of these old landmarks, you can do just that this Friday. It’s an event called third in the burg, where local merchants stay open a little later and encourage people to enjoy Hollidaysburg’s businesses and restaurants and all they have to offer. There will also be free tours of historic Hollidaysburg’s house museum on walnut street. There you will learn about the buildings, people and landmarks that have made Hollidaysburg what it is today.

“I think everyone should really know where they come from you know the history of the area they should know that if the canal had not come through Hollidaysburg and stopped when it went over the Allegheny mountains Hollidaysburg really wouldn’t exist the way it does today,” says Joshua Juda, vice president of Historic Hollidaysburg, Inc.

And Joshua says that many people don’t realize the history that they walk by everyday when they’re downtown. You can check it out for yourself this Friday night from 5-8.

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