PATTON, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A unique project at Cambria Heights High School captures how things used to be before the coronavirus lockdown.

“A lot of things are different now,” Rylee Bernecky, a 10th grade student at Cambria Heights High School, explained.

One year ago there were no masks and no social distancing. We were able to see our loved ones in person, go to concerts and sporting events.

“As I told the kids, I remember where I was September 11 when the second tower fell,” Rachel Manack, a teacher at Cambria Heights High School, said. “That is going to be the same for them with this generation. They are going to remember what happened to them when we went into lockdown.”

In Manack’s 10th grade digital design class, students collected pictures from staff, teachers and peers to show the last photo in their camera roll before the lockdown last year.

“I think overall it was neat to look back at that moment, that little snippet of time where everything changed for us,” Manack said.

Each page of the slideshow they put together is a reminder. It’s a reflection on what things were like before the coronavirus became an every day conversation.

“I think it helped to remind us of the times we had before so we can look at the more positive aspects of what happened before lockdown instead of all the negative aspects that we’re living through right now,” Bernecky said.

We’ve all been living in a world that’s changing by the day. Our lives may not look like they once did, but viewing pictures of a life we once all knew helps give us hope that we’ll soon be back to normal.

“I think we are all looking for that little bit of normalcy again and when we could hopefully resume with our family and friends with a little more normal life,” Manack explained.

You can view the entire slideshow on the Cambria Heights School District’s homepage of Facebook.