Local companies working to keep local jobs

Three businesses: all different, all local, and all focused on technology in central PA. 
John Bonislawski, President and CEO of Homeland Manufacturing Services, said, “It’s very difficult to create an environment where you create jobs, manufacturing jobs, and bring the work back local.  It takes a lot of effort to be competitive in that manner.”
Homeland Manufacturing Services, KCF Technologies and Videon have their own specialties.  But they work together — keeping jobs and innovation local. 
Jeremy Frank, President and Founder of KCF Technologies, said “We like to depend on people that we know, and so get our products and the things we depend on from people that have accountability to us and we can develop relationships with them rather than rely on someone overseas.  We just like the idea of supporting job growth and successful other companies that build and interlink network in the region.”
KCF produces “Smart Diagnostics” – it’s  technology that predicts when machines will fail.  Because they’ve grown so quickly, they now work with Homeland Manufacturing Services.
“By communicating with them and helping them understand that the best overall value for them was to have local products local manufactured, locally, I was able to convince them to bring the work back here,” said Bonislawski. 
Homeland Manufacturing Services also creates sensor chips for Videon.  Videon needs those chips for their products and for testing — making sure electronics meet certain standards. 
Rob Bargo, VP of Manufacturing Operations at Videon, said, “Traditionally, we’ve done manufacturing for our own, products, our in-flight entertainment, and now we’re looking at taking external companies designs in and doing manufacturing testing and services for them as well.”
One of their features is a highly accelerated life-testing chamber, where they can simulate the life-span of a piece of equipment.  That gives outside companies the ability to test their product — and make it better — before it hits the shelves.

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