Las Vegas student delivers groceries to elderly


(KVVU) — The Coronavirus has left many older people without any way to get groceries as health officials urge people over the age of 60 to stay at home.

But one student in Las Vegas has taken it upon herself to make sure those affected are not left without the essentials.

Tiana Bohner says the young activist is making a huge difference.

It’s a scramble at the supermarkets as coronavirus fears fuel long lines and empty shelves across the valley.

“The problem now is when you go to the store, and those items aren’t even on the shelves for people to buy. So I’m going to move these over here, Jayde,” said Jayde Powell,” Las Vegas Student.

Jayde Powell isn’t picking all of this up for herself.

“Bottled water, Milk, canned goods, soups,” said Powell.

The pre-med student at UNR is launching a program called shopping angels.

“It’s been something I’m focused on, been brainstorming pretty intensely the past couple day,” said Powell.

No delivery fees, no extra costs Powell just wants to help those who can’t leave their homes.

“When you coordinate with us, we’ll tell you the volunteer who is picking up for you so we can get it to you,” said Powell.

“Going to one store could be an all-day affair for an elderly person they don’t have money to get gas or energy to go to a lot of stores just to find out they don’t have the basic supplies to last them for a couple of weeks,” said Powell.

“We’ve gotten toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, anything you might need in order to get you through a couple of weeks.

Powell already has more than 3 dozen college students in both reno and las vegas, ready to help.

“These boxes we’re going to use for storing some of the stuff in so we can organize,” said Powell.

Powell says volunteers will be required to wear masks and gloves while picking up groceries and when they make their deliveries.

“So we’re going to have this one,” said Powell.

“We also don’t want our volunteers to go inside the homes,” said Powell.

Powell has the supplies and staff, she now hopes, seniors or their care-takers will reach out.

“An outbreak of anything is always possible, especially for the at-risk population they’ll always be at risk having something like this ready to go will always benefit for future outbreaks,” said Powell.

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