Lack of rainfall puts farmers in a tough spot


PATTON, Pa. (WTAJ) — Rainfall has been below average since May and in some areas of central PA, farmers are experiencing a full-on drought.

Patton farm owner, Marty Yahner has 2400 acres of crops and grain, which have been suffering this summer due to being inches behind in rainfall. Since he and other PA farmers have not seen much rain, they haven’t been producing much, which means prices go up and farmers like Yahner, struggle to get by.

Yahner says “around here where we live our soils are very shallow, they’re not deep black soils like they have out in Iowa and the midwest…So we need regular rains. A lot of times people mistakenly think that if we have a lot of rain or snow in the wintertime its good for the whole season. It doesn’t work that way. We need regular rain… literally weekly is ideal.”

With little to no rain scheduled within the current forecast, farmers are left to wait or use their own water sources until the next rainfall. Yahner says all he can do is what most farmers do every year – and what a lot of us are now doing – hoping that next year will be better.

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