Lack of data on vaccine’s effects on fertility leaves many women hesitant to get it


CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – If having a baby during a pandemic wasn’t stressful enough, theres been talk that the vaccine causes infertility, leaving many women now on the fence to get it.

But according to Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist Dr. Jennifer Gell, she’s been telling her worried patients, “there’s no evidence that the vaccine causes infertility.”

Which is why she says she strongly suggests that they do receive it.

“Women that get pregnant are higher risk for complications with Covid,” said Dr. Gell.

Utimately Dr. Gell says it all comes down to weighing out the risks and benefits.

“What is your risk if you get sick versus the benefit of getting the vaccine,” said Dr. Gell.

For ER nurse and 26 weeks pregnant Nicole Morgan, the scale tipped more towards the benefit side.

“As an emergency nurse I don’t get to choose and say no I’m not taking this Covid patient, that’s my job, I go in and help these people so my risk of getting Covid is excruciatingly high,” said Morgan.

According to Morgan she got the vaccine when she was 25 weeks, but her decision to get it took some going back and forth.

“I waited 8 weeks to decide whether or not I had wanted it because it is hard to decide,” said Morgan.

Because no data was actually taken on whether or not the vaccine effects fertility.

“Pregnant women were not included in any of the trials,” said Dr. Gell.

According to Dr. Gell, every woman’s decision to get the vaccine or not is a personal one, and she recommends talking with ones provider first for help in making it.

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