Kids at Risk of Dehydration

A new study from Harvard finds more than half of all American children and teens aren’t adequately hydrated, probably because they aren’t drinking enough water. Doctors say even mild dehydration can cause  headaches, irritability, poorer physical performance and reduce the ability to think.

Cleveland Clinic Pediatrician Deborah Lonzer says water is a better way to hydrate than soda, juice, even sports drinks.

“If you’re drinking a sport drinks, it’s putting more salt in you as well, so it helps with hydration but it also adds to the salt load that you have to get rid of,”  Lonzer explains.

Experts say if you feel thirsty or your lips tingle you’re probably dehydrated.
Nearly a fourth of the kids in the study said they didn’t drink any plain water at all. Boys were 76 percent less likely to be adequately hydrated than girls.

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