Keeping your pets safe during the heat


As the hot and humid weather pattern makes its way into our region, high temperatures will soar into the lower 90s and dew points will make it feel oppressive throughout the weekend. The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for the entire region Friday and Saturday. They also issued an Excessive Heat Warning for Centre, Blair, Huntington, and Bedford counties for Saturday. With this heat moving into our area it is important that we and our animals stay safe. Here are a few tips to ensure that your animal stays cool during this heatwave, 

  • Keep your pet hydrated 
    • Just as you would yourself during hot weather, make sure that your pet has a steady supply of water 
  • Stay away from hot surfaces
    • Pets paws are sensitive to the hot surfaces and can burn easily
      • Test the ground with the back of your hand for 7 seconds before placing your pet on it 
    • If you do plan on walking your pet, do so for short periods of time in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are not as extreme
  • Know the symptoms of heat stress
  • Overheating pets will pant excessively, drool, and may even collapse
  • Pets with flat faces, young and older animals, overweight pets, and pets with respiratory issues are more susceptible to heat stress since they cannot pant as effectively 
  • Dogs temperatures should not be above 104 degrees, if you are concerned track your dog’s body temperature during hot days 
  • Never leave your pet in a parked vehicle 
    • Just as it is dangerous for humans to be left in a parked car, leaving animals alone can leave to heat stroke and death 
  • Watch for humid conditions 
    • Animals cool off by panting, which involves animals evaporating moisture from their lungs
    • When the air is moist the evaporation process is slower, making panting to cool of less effective 

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