Kansas City area church displays Gingerbread Cathedral


(WTAJ/CBS) — Check out this masterpiece on display in a Kansas City Area church.

Yes! You’re looking at a religious tribute and architecturally accurate Notre Dame Cathedral.

The creator didn’t skimp out either. It’s complete with chocolate gargoyles and statues to stained glass windows made of piped frosting with melted jolly ranchers.

Lisa Stiffler, her husband Phil, and friend Laurie Mathews designed it and spent more than 600 hours on the piece.

Stiffler says it’s a compliment to Notre Dame and the people of Paris following the fire that damaged the cathedral last year.

“It was our way of paying tribute to the, you know, the great cathedral of Notre Dame, and I know it’s going to be a long process rebuilding. And so, this way, at least maybe we can bring a, a little bit of it to our community and, and having people come see it. Hopefully, it will bring a little of joy into their life,” said Lisa Stiffler: Co-creator of gingerbread masterpiece.

The finished cathedral is eight feet long, four feet wide, seven feet tall, and weighs more than 600 pounds.

Its scale is about one and 159th of the cathedral’s actual size.

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