Johnstown police cars get high-tech upgrade

Johnstown, Cambria County, Pa. - Johnstown police installed new technology in police cruisers, allowing them to work from the field, patrol the city and keep residents safe.

The department received a $250,000 grant in September to buy new cameras and tablets for police cars.

Police said they just finished installing the equipment in all 13 cruisers. They said the process took a few months because they priced out different options and tested out the technology in two vehicles first, to work out any problems. 

Officers said they can check prior records, take photos and type up their reports from the field, which cuts back on travel time to and from the station downtown.

"I can go out there if I have any calls. I can type up my reports while staying in Moxham without having to drive all the way up to the building there to try to handle anything else and waste more time trying to figure out when I can do my paperwork and everything else. It cuts down my travel time a lot," said Officer Jason Daily, a patrolman with the department.

Once the software is installed in the last two police cars, all 13 mobile offices will be ready.

Police said the new technology will also help them be more visible in the community.

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