It’s National Tequila Day


(CNN) — Some people claim there’s a woman to blame for today, July, 24, but it could be your fault.

No, it’s not Margarita Day, but it is National Tequila Day, and that’s the spirit traditionally used in margaritas, as well as plenty of other cocktails.

Tequila comes from a succulent called the blue agave, which grows in Mexico’s Jalisco State.

In fact, Mexican law says the drink must come from Jalisco to legally be labeled Tequila.

Jose Antonio Cuervo obtained the first license for distilling this cause of memorable fun times, and deep regrets hundreds of years ago.

Yep, the same Cuervo you can buy today, and by the way, if your bottle has a worm in it, it’s not Tequila.

Worms are only found in a similar spirit called Mezcal.

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