Is the student voice being represented during the Primary?


Organizations say they’ve been working hard on social media to give students as close to the same information as possible they would give them in person.
Now only time will tell if their votes are still represented.

The pandemic has meant less exposure for college students to register to vote.

Jessie Bastardi, Student, Penn State)
“Usually you see people with signs everywhere, “Remember to vote”, “Register to Vote”, and there hasn’tt been people here and I don’t think people are doing it at home, in their hometown,” Jessie Bastardi, Penn State student, said.

But they say there is a silver lining that could help continue to bring in those votes the option to mail-in ballots.

“It’s fortuitous that it happened right when we hit the pandemic, because there’s so many people that do not want to be out in public or would prefer to protest themselves, the poll-workers,” Jan Koch, Co-Presiding Officer for League of Women Voters of Centre County, said.

Centre County elections say, in the 2016 primary, 139 people-30 and under voted abentee.
This year, with the mail-in ballots alone the youth vote has grown.

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