NEW YORK (CBS Newspath) – The IRS is warning that scam artists are once again posing as the tax agency to rip off Americans and get personal information.

Millions of people have received fake emails or texts that appear to be from the IRS, but they are actually from criminals promising a tax refund or stimulus payment if you just click on a link. That link often leads to a con artist who says the victim has to pay a fee before the fake refund can be sent. And many people continue to receive fake phone calls that threaten a lawsuit unless that person pays up.

It’s important to know the IRS does not demand payment or ask for credit or debit card information over the phone. Also, agents will not reach out to you through text or social media.

It’s not just older Americans falling for this scam and others. The Federal Trade Commission says more than 40% of the people who lost money last year were in their 20’s.

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To report a fraud or scam you can visit And if you’ve received a tax phishing email forward it to