Insulin manufacturer selling directly to patients


ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — According to American Journal of Managed Care, the price for a vial of insulin in 2001 was 14 dollars. In 2019, that same vial was 275 dollars. Now a company has come up with a way to cut costs for those without insurance.

Lori Doran has been dealing with her diabetes for 15 years.She gets a prescription through an insurance company who she says dropped her as a client several times, leaving her with no way to afford her insulin.

“The insurance I had, I lost, so I went a year without it. I had a heart attack” says Doran.

Physicians Assistant, Vince Capone sees patients like Lori every day.Which is why he is spreading the word about an insulin manufacturer called ‘Novo Nordisk.’

Capone says “from my point of view, theres no reason in a country of abundance like we have that people are having to struggle to pay for basic medication.”

Starting in 2020 , the company has decided to cut-out healthcare insurers and sell insulin straight to patients on their ‘Novocare’ website.

For those without insurance, two boxes, which usually cost beteen 500 and 12-hundred dollars, will be 99 dollars from ‘Novocare.’

Capone says “its great that an industry leader in diabetes treatment is stepping up and offering this where no one else has yet…i think its long overdue that pharmaceutical companies and retailers are taking some onus in this and giving people alternatives to be able to afford their medicines.”

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