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It’s not the type of summer camp you’d expect to see in the heart of Centre County farm land.  Some of the nation’s and the world’s most talented action sports athletes train here.
Camp Woodward is the ultimate haven for young athletes to hone their skills.
Ream founded the camp in the 1970s out of a passion to take care of kids, but it has exploded into a training ground that he never dreamed of.
“Well, the start of Woodward was just a casual conversation after a gymnastic meet at Penn State, whether you think a gymnastic camp would work 25 miles outside of State College at a dairy farm,” said Ream.  “Nobody could have ever said they had this vision, but when you listen to the kids, you start understanding their thought process and vision.”
Camp Woodward houses close to one thousands kids for twelve weeks each and ever summer.  It has been so successful that the Woodward name has since gone worldwide.
“We have a project in Switzerland.  We have interest in Australia.  We have interest in Thailand..umm we did have Woodward Beijing that has since closed because they are building an airport now and we’re looking for another location for that. It’s just what we do.”
Woodward has also nailed down some major sponsors like Red Bull and Gatorade to help make this camping experience top notch.
Ream said he and his staff say watching their kids achieve their dreams is their ultimate satisfcation.
“Is there a person that has a better, blessed life than me?  No.  Listen to kids talk to you, it’s special.  A little kid wants to shake your hand, that’s special.  I don’t know if it gets anymore special. “
Thanks for some sponsorship deals Camp Woodward gives out more than $140 thousand in scholarships every year.

It is also the place where athletes like Shaun White and Tony Hawk got their start.

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