Health care system launches COVID-19 registry program


(WTAJ) — New York City was once the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, treating thousands of patients.

Now one health care system is launching a new center to follow survivors recovering from the virus, hoping to learn lessons for the future.

Marylou Ostling survived the coronavirus. She was diagnosed in late March and spent about a week in the hospital in April.

I had a dry cough. I lost my appetite, which is very unusual for me. And I was running a low grade temp. Even sitting in the hospital seemed unreal to me. You know, I was weak. I mean and all of that, but it just felt like I’m in a bad nightmare.

Marylou Ostling

Ostling is among 150 patients now receiving treatment at the Mount Sinai Health System’s new center for people recovering from COVID-19.

The understanding about COVID initially was that it was a pulmonary disease. And what we’ve clearly come to appreciate is that it’s a multi system disease affecting not only the lungs, but the kidneys, heart, brain vasculature, and neurological effects.

Dr. Barbara Murphy, Chair of Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai is also establishing a COVID-19 registry, so researchers can collect information on the mental and physical health of patients to study the long term effects.

Ostling said that despite the slow recovery process, she’s taking walks and doing rehab on Zoom to build up stamina.

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