Gun shop sees people flocking in to buy guns and stock up on ammo


CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – The owner of Hunter’s Warehouse in downtown Bellefonte says he’s been in the gun industry for 40 years, and has never seen this type of demand.

“I got people, they’re not buying a box of ammunition, they’re buying cases of ammunition,” said Tom Engle.

One resident in store came all the way from Bedford County to pay for his $10,000 order.

“We couldn’t find anything in Bedford County, my brother who lives in Lancaster County couldn’t find anything at all, so we were fortunate to be able to find here,” said the customer.

According to Engle his customers haven’t thought twice about the price or distance they have to travel, if it means they’re able to find what they’re looking for and stock up.

“Saturday I had 6 guys drive from Myrtle Beach South Carolina. They drove here bought ammo, $24,000 worth of ammo and then drove all the way back to Myrtle Beach,” said Engle.

Engle says he believes there’s a number of reasons why people are coming from far and wide to ensure they’re loaded.

“Unfortunately the George Floyd incident happened. Then riots started and people just started buying massively like crazy. Then by hunting season, we had the demand for hunting ammo and there was very little hunting ammo least year so prices soared and literally shelves went bare almost immediately. And then unfortunately in January we had the incident in Washington. When that incident happened ammo got really scarce because demand increased even more,” said Engle.

And as for the most recent reason at checkout?

“Most of the people are telling me they’re afraid of what’s going to happen with the Derek Chauvin trial. They’re afraid of the wrong verdict, and they’re afraid of what could happen,” said Engle.

According to Engle the recent events have flocked in women and many first-time buyers.

“They’ve never even touched a gun. And they come in and buy an AR and buy a pistol for each one of them. It just amazes me,” said Engle.

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