The groups says they’re asking the State College Borough for law enforcement reform and for answers and actions relating to the death of Osaze Osagie.

Around 20 people from the 320 Coalition activist group gathered at the State College Borough building lobby Thursday, chanting and holding signs to get borough mayor Ron Filippelli’s attention.

They have ten demands including police reform.

They want the identities of the officers involved in 2019 death of Osaze Osagie to be released.

“The city believes Osaze was murdered and if the city believes Osaze was murdered than the citizens are in fear of all of the cops, until we know who the three are, Tierra Williams with the 320 Coalition, said.

Jennifer Black with the group says there isn’t just a systematic problem around the country, it’s in Happy Valley too.

“The Chief of Police made a really flowery and polite statement following the murder of George Floyd, and sort of distancing himself and this department from murders like that and condemning it,” Black, said.

In that statement State College Police Chief John Gardner said, “The actions of those police officers leading to the death of Mr. Floyd are incomprehensible and in no way reflect the training standards of a professional police officer whose sworn oath represents a solemn commitment to protect and serve.”

Mayor Ron Filippelli spoke to the group by phone saying he would talk to the borough about the group’s demands.