STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Today, Governor Tom Wolf called on the General Assembly to invest $225,000,000 into small businesses across the state.

Governor Wolf said that now is the time for the government to support small businesses, such as The Nittany Quill in State College.

“The pandemic was difficult for everybody,” said Joy Rodgers-Mernin, the owner of The Nittany Quill. “When your business is told to shut down, so you shut down, so you have no customers, you have no income. You have nothing.”

Rodgers-Mernin was just one small business owner in the state who utilized federal funding to stay afloat during the height of the pandemic.

“Getting that money and knowing, okay, I can breathe. I can pay my rent. I can pay my bills. I’m okay here for a bit. I can hang in there,” Rodgers-Mernin said.

Other small businesses may soon feel this sigh of relief. In Feb., Governor Wolf proposed a $1.7 billion spending plan that would provide direct relief to Pennsylvania’s businesses, communities and families.

“We’re still sitting on over 2 billion dollars of ARP money,” Governor Wolf said. “That money should be going out to help our local communities.It shouldn’t just be sitting in a bank account somewhere.”

The plan includes $225,000,000 that will go toward recapitalizing the Small Business Assistance Program that began in 2020.

“Businesses are still hurting and could still use that money. Well, it’s there,” Governor Wolf said. “The program was a wild success. We helped over 10,000 businesses. With the same amount of money, we could do that again.”

In the original iteration of the program, 29 businesses in State College received funding.

“Small businesses like The Nittany Quill are the lifeblood of the State College Downtown,” said Ezra Nanes, mayor of State College. “The 225 million dollars that you are allocating will make an impact.”

Businesses would be eligible to receive grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, and would be available to cover a range of expenses.