HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Governor Tom Wolf has called upon the Pennsylvania General Assembly to raise the state’s minimum wage of $7.25.

Minimum wage has been $7.25 since July 24, 2009. It raised to that point in 2009 because the minimum wage at the federal level increased.

Gov. Wolf said that across the state many workers are on the job and earning poverty wages. “Many of them are essential workers, who throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have gone to work and put themselves at risk to provide the services all of us rely on,” he said.

Twenty-nine states in the U.S. have a higher minimum wage than Pennsylvania. Minimum wage for neighboring states is as follows:

  • New York: $11.80
  • New Jersey: $11.00
  • Maryland: $11.00
  • Ohio: $8.70
  • Delaware: $9.25
  • Virginia: $7.25
  • West Virginia: $8.75

“It’s ridiculous that a Pennsylvanian earns less for the same job than someone in West Virginia, Ohio or New York,” Wolf said. “Pennsylvanians are known for our tremendous work ethic, but too many of them, especially our essential workers, can’t afford their basic needs. That must be unacceptable to all of us.”