TEXAS (SVEO) – On Friday, July 15 GOP senators surveyed the current state of the U.S.-Mexico border’, participating in a night tour of the border with law enforcement and Customs and Border Protection officials in McAllen, Texas.

Multiple senators including Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen. James Lankford placed blame on the Biden administration for the migrant crisis across the country.

Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz delivered remarks on the immigration border crisis in Texas. Sen Cornyn said the Biden administration “does not seem to care” about the crisis and Sen. Cruz said that “The Joe Biden body bags keep piling up and we could stop this if we went back to the policies just a couple of years ago that were working that had produced the lowest illegal immigration in 45 years.”

“And what is infuriating is this is all deliberate. This is a result of deliberate political decisions from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In our nation’s history there’s never been a president engaged in a greater dereliction of duty on our border than Joe Biden.” said Senator Cruz.” He utterly refuses to do his job to enforce the law. We met with the men and women of Border Patrol. And one of the reasons all of us are here is to say thank you to those heroes who risked their lives catching dangerous human traffickers, dangerous drug traffickers, only to have their political superiors turn around and release them all over again.”

“Make no mistake about it. What is happening at the border is a result of a policy failure of the Biden administration. Our friends from the Border Patrol tell us if, in fact, there was a policy in place that would allow them to detain people before they were then released and given work permits into the interior of the United States, and to have their claims for asylum and the like adjudicated before they were released. It would provide a massive deterrence for this influx of humanity coming across the border,” Senator Cornyn said.

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Afterward, the senators received a briefing from the National Border Patrol Council.