Gen Z shows different outlook on weddings, marriage



(WTAJ) — As people in Generation Z start to get married, studies are showing that their perspective on relationships on marriage and weddings are changing.

The Knot, a leading wedding and planning registry resource, surveyed 1,200 people in Gen Z and younger millennials who are dating or currently in a relationship (not engaged or married).

The specific age range for Gen Z differs, but the data in this study defined them as anyone from ages 18-29.

A majority of those surveyed considered shared family values to be the most important quality in a future spouse, with over 40% looking up their parents or grandparents as a positive example of marriage.

An area where the similarities start to falter between newlyweds and their parents is that over half of Gen Z and millennials (53%) anticipate living together before tying the knot. Thirty percent of couples anticipate purchasing a home together before marriage.

In the same breath, 50% of those surveyed want to be financially independent and build a successful career before marriage.

And despite the increase and convenience of online dating, Gen Z and younger millennials are more likely to believe that they will meet “the one” through friends (23%), school (14%) or a social setting (17%). Only 12% believe they will meet their future spouse online.

Weddings for younger couples can be expected to look different as well.

Forty-nine percent of Gen Z and younger millennials expect an increase in the popularity of mixed-gender wedding parties, i.e where the bride and groom have family members or friends of the opposite gender standing on their side during the wedding.

Wedding gowns won’t be the only thing a bride will wear while walking down the aisle. Forty-two percent of those surveyed expect an increase of nontraditional wedding attire for the bride, such as a skirt or a jumpsuit.

Taking a partner’s last name is expected to not be as common, with 31% of those surveyed expecting that it will decrease in popularity.

Gen Z is also facing criticism for their relationships due to race and/or sexuality. One-third of Gen Z Hispanic (32%) and Black (30%) couples said they face criticism of their relationship due to race, according to those surveyed.

Thirty-six percent of LGBTQ+ couples say they have had their relationship questioned due to their sexual orientation, with only 38% of them saying that their parents are either very or extremely supportive.

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