Former President Bill Clinton in Blair County

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President Bill Clinton stopped by the AFSCME building in Duncansville on Friday.
His stop focused primarily on encouraging people to vote.
The former president also had the opportunity to touch on topics for his wife, and presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
He talked about health care and said it’s important to keep Obama Care, but did acknowledge some flaws with the plan.
He said some rates need to be lowered and Hillary would be able make adjustments to make the plan more suitable for middle class families.
He also focused on education and stressed the importance of affordable college tuition.
He said Hillary’s plan is  to make public secondary education free.
“Everybody else at public or private colleges could graduate from her program completely debt free, now this is a big deal,” Clinton said.
There were some union workers in the crowd, and bill said if elected, his wife would be able to bring more coal and steel industry jobs to Pennsylvania.
He added that more resources need to be put in rural areas.
“Of all the federal development money for economics, should be devoted exclusively to small towns, rural areas, from Coal Country, to Indian Country to places in rural Pennsylvania, rural Arkansas, where nothing good has happened in a long time,” Clinton said.
Protestors also attended the event, voicing their support for GOP candidate, Donald Trump.

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