Former president addresses heroin issue


It was a big day for the Clinton campaign Tuesday, winning New York and moving even closer to the democratic nomination.

Wednesday Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton were in the Keystone state campaigning for the primary on Tuesday. 

Hillary Clinton needs about 30 percent of the remaining delegates to lock up the democratic nomination.

The former president was at UPJ Wednesday campaigning for Hillary.

He addressed an issue that folks said they were both happy and surprised to hear about.  Heroin and the overdose problem is affecting more than just our region.   Bill Clinton said that this is an issue that is close to himself and Hillary.

Just two days ago he said he had to make a phone call to express his condolences to a friend who had a child die of an overdose and that this was the fifth time he had to do this.

He said so far they have helped to put Narcan in the hands of police departments to help save those who overdose.  Bill Clinton said Hillary wants to put in more mental health and drug treatment centers, which is something that was just approved in Portage, to help folks recover and get a job once they are drug free.

“What we have to do is educate people about it and give them something to look forward to in the morning.  It is not enough to say don’t do something and treat it when it happens.  People have to not want to do it in the first place because they think they have a bright future,” he said.

All of the officials at the rally encouraged folks to get out and vote.  Pennsylvania’s primary is on Tuesday.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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