Former employee reacts to nursing home lawsuit

The Attorney General’s office is filing a consumer protection lawsuit against a healthcare chain that owns senior living developments in our region. 
Grane Healthcare Company out of Pittsburgh is the owner of the homes in the lawsuit, with 11 total senior living centers in Pennsylvania. 
The Altoona Center for Nursing care, the Cambria Care Center in Ebensburg and the Laurelwood Care Center in Johnstown are in the suit. 
Grane is accused of misrepresenting basic care and their facilities on marketing and website materials, as well as charging customers for false services. 
The Attorney General’s office conducted several interviews by former employees of the Grane Healthcare chain and found several reports submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 
Grane is accused of not taking care of residents hygiene, health and meals, making residents wait long periods of time when they needed help, and use of physical restraints just to name a few allegations. 
We spoke to a certified nurse assistant who used to work for the Altoona center who did not want to go on camera. She says management was a problem when she worked there. 
“When you address issues to them about staffing, or issues with other staff members who shouldn’t be there or providing this type of care,” she explained. “It’s not addressed and it’s you know it’s swept under the rug.”
She says making do with a smaller staff and management needs were top priorities. 
“When you have so many people to take care of at one time and you’re not getting help and you know. It’s hard to provide them with the care that they need. Especially when management is saying to you, well let just make sure we’re getting that paperwork done.”
We reached out to Grane Healthcare Company for a statement but did not hear back. 
The lawsuit is seeking a one thousand dollar fine per violation of the consumer protection law, or up to three thousand dollars for every violation involving a person 60 or older.  
The lawsuit is also looking for the restoration for consumers and the Commonwealth.

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