When somebody starts sneezing or coughing, wouldn’t it be great, if you could do something to protect yourself from their cold or sore throat?  An area pharmacist with a special interest in natural remedies offers some advice.
Pharmacist Ron Dick’s has a  favorite combination for fighting colds and sore throats.
He calls it ZEB, referring to zinc, echinacea and black elderberry, saying “those 3 seem to still be what I  would call  the ones that have been tried and proven and tested.”  
The owner/operator of Duncansville Pharmacy says zinc lozenges  seem to counteract sneezes and sniffles caused by rhinoviruses or what are more commonly referred to as cold viruses.
“There are hundreds of them out there,” he says, “but the zinc lozenges seem to be effective, slowly dissolving and getting into the throat mucosal lining.”
Combining zinc with echinacea at the first sign of a cold may increase your protection level.
“You and I could probably talk for hours about echinacea and all the claims that are made. It does seem to have some antiviral and antibacterial effects,” he says.
Black elderberry, in the form of Sambucol, completes the trio. Ron says taking it like recommended on the box, every 2 to 3 hours,  helps him ward off colds or sore throats.
He adds high doses of vitamin C and regularly takes the probiotic, Floragen.
If you’re looking for one, go-to product a good number of his customers swear by the homeopathic Oscillococcinum.
But he says don’t rely only on self-diagnosis and treatment, use common sense. “If you’re running a super high temperature,  you’ve had it for several days, your neck’s aching,”  he says , “don’t come in and ask me to give you a natural or homeopathic product, see your doctor.”
Ron says the bottom line is that nothing is a good substitute for sleep and healthy eating.