Ferguson Township zoning change impacts to residents


The Ferguson Township Manager says the zoning changes have nothing to do with redrawing lines, rather about what you can do or can’t do as a rental owner, business owner or farmer in any given zone.

Jeremie Thompson lives in Ferguson Township and actively attends township meetings.

So, when the board of supervisors updated the township’s zoning ordinances in November, he says it was about time.

The old code of ordinances was written in the 70s and amended sporatically through the years.

But now, the ordinances are catching up with modern scenarios, like only allowing one car per rented bedroom at an Airbnb or other short term rental.

“You do want to make sure that they’re not blocking driveways and other accesses that maybe vital for the rest of the people that will be traveling past that residence,” Jeremie Thompson from Ferguson Township, said.

“Renewable energy, solar installation, solar arrays,” David Pribulka, Manager for Ferguson Township, said. “Our old ordinance didn’t really give consideration to those kinds of uses at least in their application today, the ordinance addresses that.”

Zoning changes will impact a number of zoning districts, including the rural agriculture zone, some changes are designed to help farmers.

“A kid that would like to raise a cow for 4H or they want to have a horse or two, depending on how many acres that they have, if they can meet the minimum requirement on that smaller track of land, they can have maybe one or two farm animals.”

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