MEYERSDALE, SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pictures of Brenda Thomas’s son, Trevor, cover the refrigerator at her home in Meyersdale, Somerset County.

Brenda Thomas looks at pictures of her son on her home refrigerator

“That’s what it is all about, the memories,” Brenda said while looking at the fridge.

Each picture shares a memory and is unique, just like Trevor. A boy who was determined, kind-hearted and made everyone feel special.

“It didn’t matter what your age was or your background,” Brenda said. “He just saw you as someone who needed attention or needed love and he always showed them kindness”

We talk about these memories, which can be full of joy, like the time Trevor got the last out and sent his high school baseball team to the state championship game.

Trevor as he gets the last out to send his high school baseball team to the state championship

However, they can also be the hardest things we have ever had to deal with.

“It was September 1, 2019 and Trevor was in a motorcycle accident with his best friend,” Brenda explained. “Trevor lost his life.”

Trevor left this earth at just 21-years-old.

“I never wanted to be part of this club,” Brenda said. “I never wanted to be a mom who was grieving the loss of a child, but here I am.”

The thing about life is that we always have options. Brenda decided to find the light in the darkest of situations.

A memorial is placed at the crash site in Meyersdale, Somerset Coun

“I believe that we are trying to make something good come out of something bad,” Brenda expressed. “We could have just been bitter, but we have chosen to become better.”

On February 18, 2022, the day before what would have been Trevor’s 24th birthday, the Thomas family, along with Trevor’s girlfriend Layne, went around delivering cookies to spread kindness. They brought them to the people and places that made an impact on Trevor and have shown support to their family.

“That’s why we started the random acts of kindness,” Brenda said. “We wanted to do something in Trevor’s honor that would be something that he would have done.”

Trevor’s dad, Paul Thomas, loads up the back of his car with cookies to deliver

Brenda’s mission is to spread kindness every day in her son’s honor and encourages others to do the same.

“He’s smiling, I know he is,” she told us. “He is seeing that we are doing things that he would love to be doing and he would be loving every moment of it. Just the smiles or the difference that we are making in people’s lives.”

Being an example to everyone they meet is how the Thomas family is celebrating Trevor’s life.

“We all wanted to live like him,” Brenda said. “You know he lived life very freely and he lived life loving people and being kind to people.”

Brenda and Layne, Trevor’s girlfriend, deliver cookies

Brenda knows the pain will always be there, but she also knows the memories are too. She encourages everyone to always make time for the moments and continue spreading kindness, the same kindness Trevor was constantly sharing with the world.

“Be somebody that who makes everybody feel like somebody,” she explained. “That’s kind of the motto.”

Throughout the year, the Thomas family gives out cards when they do a random act of kindness. They encourage everyone to use #LiveLikeTrev24 on social media to share all the good being done in his honor.

The family also created the Trevor Thomas Memorial Baseball Scholarship, where they give baseball players scholarship money.

If you know someone or an organization that’s making it matter in our community you can send an email to or reach out to Maggie on Facebook.

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