ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Elk County family is encouraging acts of kindness for a very special person.

On November 1, 2016, Emily and Shawn Kronenwetter had their first child Kinsley.

“I think the easiest way to describe her is just pure joy,” Emily Kronenwetter said.

Just 11 hours after Kinsley was born she was flown to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for a possible neck fracture.

Then, at 8 months, she had emergency surgery on an extremely rare brain tumor. Doctors were able to remove 98% of it.

“I think it was day 4 or 5 and she woke up and all the swelling was basically gone,” Shawn Kronenwetter explained. “She made leaps and bounds in just days.”

As time went on, life was good and Kinsley’s tumor had stopped growing. However, just two days after becoming a big sister to her brother Kipton, she got an unexplained fever.

“I took her and I thought it would be something where we could get like an antibiotic or medicine and I didn’t bring Kinsley home,” Shawn said.

Kinsley lived on this earth for 435 days.

“They did an autopsy and she died of a febrile illness with an unknown origin so it was completely unexpected,” Emily said.

Sometimes it’s not the amount of time we have here in the world, but the memory we leave behind that lets us live forever.

Emily and Shawn took their pain and turned it into purpose starting ‘Kindness for Kinsley.’

On the 15th of every month they promote acts of kindness. They can be big or small.

Then, every year on Kinsley’s birthday they collect items for a specific organization that helps those in need.

“There are people who have joined the cause and we go around and we just spread joy,” Emily said. “The joy that we feel is missing because Kinsley is not here. So we’re trying to add that extra joy into people’s lives.”

A Kinsley card is usually handed out after each act of kindness. This way the world can learn about the little girl who loved big bows, to give a thumbs up and a scrunched nose smile.

“It has become our mission to bring that happiness to other people in any way that we can and one of the ways that we thought we could is by doing these acts of kindness.

Each day is a blessing for the Kronenwetters because Kinsley is still present and touching others.

“The positive impact that she is making while she is not even here, I think is just amazing,” Shawn said.

There is a peace knowing that her memory will live on through kindness and happiness.

“We know that Kinsley is in heaven,” Emily said. “We are going to work as hard as we can to follow the Lord and to do whatever he has called us to do in hopes that we will have our family reunited one day in heaven and that is just going to be a beautiful day.”

If you would like to learn more about ‘Kindness for Kinsley’ click here.

You can also download Kinsley cards to hand out during your next act of kindness.