Exploring Bilger’s Rocks


 If you stop just outside of Curwensville, Clearfield County,  you’ll be able to visit a  special collection of sandstone blocks  that attract visitors from all over.

“There’s a lot of things happened here,” says  Terry O’Connell, the leader of  Bilger’s Rocks Association. “There’s a major East West trail came right through here. Native Americans that’s probably over 10 thousand years old.”

O’Connell invites people to take a time out and a walk back in time.

He says, “we gotta have some places that people can go and depend on without commercializing everything.”

The large sandstone rocks  are more than 300 million years ago. It’s living history folks can walk through, just like our ancestors.

“I’ve had people come in here from North Carolina taking their kids to Niagra Falls.” He continues, “they stopped by for two days. Dad asked if they like the falls. They said no. So, they came back here for two days to finish their vacation”

Open to the public year-round, this geological wonder has been visited people From all over the world for more than a thousand years. Many have left their mark on these huge rocks .  There are primitive campsites, a pavilion and a large covered bandshell. There’s also a forest full of flora and fauna.

According to O’Connell a recent Penn State Dubois study showed there are more than 42 different bird species in the 262 acres. 

Whether you just want to take a peaceful walk in nature or you are deeply interested in the geological side of  things, Bilger’s Rocks await you.

Volunteers are needed and donations are always welcomed.  

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